Terms and Conditions


1.1. GoldMann Financial Group (hereinafter referred to as Company) undertakes to provide services to its customers in strict compliance with this provision.
1.2. The Internet user can become a company customer only upon agreeing with the terms of the present provision. The customer is aware of his or her obligations before Company and agrees to comply with internal rules, stated in paragraphs of this provision.
1.3. The company shall not be liable to the customers and disclaims all liability in case of violation by the customer at least one paragraph of the provision.
1.4. GoldMann Financial Group reserves the right to make changes to this provision at any time without prior notice.


2.1. Under the terms of this agreement, GoldMann Financial Group, hereinafter referred to as the performer, undertakes to provide the customer with consulting services in the sphere of money management on major investment funds of the company.
2.2. The user opening a service account must be of legal age in his or her country and his or her age must be at least 18 years.
2.3. The customer agrees not to use the company service for illegal purposes, money launder or gaining illicit income.
2.4. The customer agrees that all communications and correspondence history with the customer in all communication sources is recorded in order to improve the quality of customer service.
2.5. GoldMann Financial Group undertakes to comply with Privacy policy and not to disclose personal information of customers under conditions of Privacy policy.


3.1. The company determines the rights of Internet users to register a single account on his or her name and not to use multiple accounts to create the illusion of participation in a partnership program to gain affiliate rewards.
3.2. The customer may not assign the right to use the account to anyone else.
3.3. The customer is warned that neither administration no any of its specialists will never contact the customer with the request to provide a password or other information to access the account.
3.4. The customer has the right to change personal data but not payment information in his or her account without notice to administration of the service.
3.5. If the customer has lost his or her account password, he or she can start the procedure for changing the password for free by receiving the password later by email.
3.6. The customer shall use certain computer protection means (anti-virus and firewall) in order to avoid falling a victim to hackers.
3.7. The customer cannot delete his or her account.


4.1. The customer can make a deposit for the period of no more than 60 calendar days under each fund.
4.2. On the next day after creating a deposit, the customer gains the first percentage of profit.
4.3. The customer receives his or her percentage of profit every calendar day.
4.4. When creating a deposit, the customer can use some type of the e-currency. It is prohibited to make one part of a deposit in one currency and another part in another currency.
4.5. The minimum deposit is USD 10.00
4.6. For its customers GoldMann Financial Group defines 5 products, also known as investment funds, the terms of which are outlined below:

Philadelphia Fund terms and conditions:
Daily interest: 2,5%
Amount of investment: USD 20.00 – USD 499.00
Investment period: 60 calendar days
Interest payment schedule: Monday - Sunday
Total interest: 150%

Houston Fund terms and conditions:
Daily interest: 2,7%
Amount of investment: USD 500.00 – USD 1,999.00
Investment period: 60 calendar days
Interest payment schedule: Monday - Sunday
Total interest: 162%

Chicago Fund terms and conditions:
Daily interest: 2,9%
Amount of investment: USD 2,000.00 – USD 9,999.00
Investment period: 60 calendar days
Interest payment schedule: Monday - Sunday
Total interest: 174%

Los Angeles Fund terms and conditions:
Daily interest: 3,1%
Amount of investment: USD 10,000.00 – USD 19,999.00
Investment period: 60 calendar days
Interest payment schedule: Monday - Sunday
Total interest: 186%

New York Fund terms and conditions:
Daily interest: 3,3%
Amount of investment: USD 20,000.00 – USD 50,000.00
Investment period: 60 calendar days
Interest payment schedule: Monday - Sunday
Total interest: 198%

4.7. The customer can withdraw profit from his or her GoldMann Financial Group account to the payment system.
4.8. To withdraw profit, the customer needs to provide payment details to administration.
4.9. Profit withdrawals are performed within 8 business hours after a withdrawal request has been received and approved.
4.10. GoldMann Financial Group is not responsible for deposit/withdrawal operations in case the problems arise from payment systems and financial institutions.


5.1. The company runs an affiliate program which is aimed at stimulating Internet users to become GoldMann Financial Group customers.
5.2. A partner receives 15% of each deposit made by the attracted investor.
5.3. All payments to partners are made from GoldMann Financial Group advertising budget.
5.4. Payments are made instantly after the referred customer has made a deposit.
5.5. The partner can withdraw his or her reward or may use this money when creating a deposit.
5.6. Anyone can become a company partner. To become an active partner, one needs to use a referral link, provided individually to each customer, when it comes to attraction of Internet users.
5.7. An active partner shall comply with the company rules, stated in this provision and Anti spam policy.
5.8. The partner can use promotional materials, represented on the site may be used for active enrollment of customers.


6.1 GoldMann Financial Group has the right to suspend its operations and fulfillment of obligations before its customers in case the company's activities are affected by such factors, as earthquakes, global economic crises, wars, man-made disasters, strikes, epidemics and revolutions. If such factors occur, the company notifies of suspension of its activity on the website.
6.2 The company is not liable for any hacking of the customer's account through fraudsters' fault. This situation is beyond control of the GoldMann Financial Group.


7.1 This provision is legitimate under the charter of the company and registration documents of GoldMann Financial Group.
7.2 The legitimacy of this provision can be affected by the court decision of United Kingdom and force majeure circumstances.
7.3 The present provision remains legitimate in case some changes or amendments are made.