Privacy policy

GoldMann Financial Group administration considers Privacy aspect as its obligation before customers. Within frameworks of Privacy policy, customers are given the guarantee on non-disclosure of their personal information. The policy of the company as well as service agreement regulate the company's action on non-disclosure of private information of customers. Under private information of customers we mean information specified during the account creation and its use:

- First and last names of the customer
- Payment details
- Browser and Internet connection speed
- Activities in the service

All these customer data are subject to Privacy policy, they're not disclosed under any circumstances, except by court order and are stored on a dedicated server of the company in the encrypted form under AES 512 bit encryption algorithm. Privacy policy is a priority for GoldMann Financial Group in its communication with customers and cannot be revised or amended, as all aspects of Privacy policy are adopted in the Charter of the company and authenticated by the signature of CEO of GoldMann Financial Group. The company uses this information solely for internal purposes to improve the quality of service and conduct operations that require personal data.