Getting acquainted with the investment business on the internet

  • What is a website of an investment company?

    The website of an investment company is an online service which enables the Internet users to transfer money to traders working in the investment company for the purpose of money management. Actually, the site of an investment company allows the investors to create their own personal investor account and receive daily profit by managing their investments.

  • How does an investment company earn profit for investors?

    An investment company accumulates the money of all its investors in the investment funds managed by the company traders. The traders use collective money of the investors to conduct purchase and sale operations on currency and stock markets. Normally the investment company pays a stable profit to its investors, and whatever is earned on top of that profit is withheld by the company as a bonus for the work, wages to the traders and other employees.

  • How to conduct financial operations and which money to choose?

    Since nowadays the operations on the financial markets are conducted with high speeds to save time, financial operations on the Internet also require supersonic speeds to carry out transactions. In view of this fact, the bigger portion of all financial operations in the investment services is conducted with the use of e-currencies. E-currency allows users to make investment deposits quickly (it takes less than a second) and withdraw profits instantly. Investors can use the e-currencies such as Perfect Money, Payeer, Payza, Bitcoin.

Getting acquainted with GoldMann Financial Group service

  • What is GoldMann Financial Group from a legal point of view?

    GoldMann Financial Group is a financial company of the investment type, registered in United Kingdom. The legal name of GoldMann Financial Group is GoldMann Financial Group Limited.

  • How can I check the incorporation data for GoldMann Financial Group?

    All the information about GoldMann Financial Group can be found in the company`s registry of United Kingdom. Also one can check the information about the company on the Internet by visiting the website of the United Kingdom Companies House.

  • Why does the legal address of GoldMann Financial Group differ from the actual address of the office?

    It is a normal practice for a majority of the companies throughout the world, especially for the offshore ones. The legal address is required to conduct financial operations through the offshore banks and the actual one is needed to work with the clients.

  • What shall I do to become an investor of GoldMann Financial Group?

    To become an investor of the company you need to create an account on the company`s website. It doesn`t take a lot of time, but you will get an opportunity to become an investor and earn profit.

About a GoldMann Financial Group account

  • Why do I need an account with GoldMann Financial Group?

    Because any financial operation is linked to one particular investor, each user should have his/her own account with GoldMann Financial Group to identify him/her. Having an account allows investors to make investment deposits, keep track of all operations, withdraw profit and invite others to join GoldMann Financial Group.

  • How to create an account?

    Click on the REGISTER button on any page of the site and you will automatically be redirected to the registration page. Here you need to specify your personal information, your e-mail, and password, and then to complete the operation. Upon completion, you will be able to access your newly created account.

  • How long does it take to create an account?

    Usually an average Internet user spends no more than 1-2 minutes to create an account.

  • What does it cost to create an account?

    It is a free operation.

  • How many accounts can I create in my name?

    You can create only 1 account in your name from your computer.

  • Can I delete my account?

    No, the account cannot be deleted.

  • What shall I do if I forget my password?

    For those who forgot their passwords, there is a password recovery procedure. You need to click on the RECOVER PASSWORD button, which can be found on the bottom of this page.

  • How can I access the account?

    If you are a registered user, you need to click on the LOGIN button at the top of the site and then enter your username and password in the appropriate fields. Upon completion, you will access your account.

  • How can I change my personal information in my account?

    Enter the account, click on SETTINGS and change your personal information on the page appeared. Save the changes upon completion.

  • How can I change the e-mail used to register my account?

    For security reasons changing e-mail is not possible.

  • How can I change the password?

    Enter the account, click on SETTINGS and change the password on the page appeared. Save the changes upon completion.

  • What can be the reason for the login problems?

    Sometimes these types of problems can be caused by maintenance work on the website. Don`t worry about this, you just need to wait for a few minutes and then try to login again. If the problem persists, you need to contact support.

  • Can GoldMann Financial Group decline offering their services to anyone?

    Yes, GoldMann Financial Group may refuse or terminate offering its services to any person or legal entity if they are suspected of investing funds that have originated from illicit activities.

  • Can I change payment systems accounts?

    Can I change payment systems accounts?

About investing in GoldMann Financial Group

  • Are there any limits for an investment amount?

    The minimum and maximum investment amount is limited for each investment fund.

  • What do you do with the money I invest in a fund?

    After the investor`s money arrives in the fund, it is placed in the corresponding investment portfolio and then it is managed by the GoldMann Financial Group traders. All these actions take place during the same trading session.

  • How long does the investment period last?

    Investment period lasts 60 calendar days.

  • Does GoldMann Financial Group convert BTC to USD?

    To protect investors from cryptocurrency's sharp price fluctuations and make investment process more comfortable we decided to use fixed Bitcoin rate of USD 700.

  • Do you return the money (principal deposit) invested in a fund?

    No, money is included in daily profit payments.

  • Can I open several deposits at once?

    Yes. The investor can have an unlimited number of deposits.

About profit management

  • How often is the profit paid to the investors?

    The profit to the investors is paid once every calendar day.

  • When and how is the profit paid?

    The profit is paid every day at the same time when you made your deposit.

  • When is the first profit paid?

    The first profit is paid on the next calendar day after the deposit is invested.

  • Shall I pay a profit tax?

    The investors do not need to pay a profit tax since GoldMann Financial Group does trading operations in offshore zone.

  • How to withdraw a profit?

    If you want to withdraw your profit, you need to enter the account and click on WITHDRAW button in the menu of your personal dash board. Then you need to specify the amount you want to withdraw and the account of your payment system.

  • How long does it take to withdraw a profit?

    Profit withdrawals are conducted within 8 working hours.

  • What can be a reason for a profit withdrawal delay?

    The withdrawal of a profit can be delayed for several reasons. The most frequent one is an unstable work of the payment systems. And in this case the administration of the service has to wait until the payment system resumes a normal work flow to complete the withdrawal. Sometimes delays can be caused by the maintenance work on the website. Anyway, you shouldn`t worry about any delays. Wait for a while and, if the problem persists, contact support.

  • Can I reinvest my profit as a new deposit?

    Yes, you can reinvest the profit as a new deposit.

About partnership program

  • Who can participate in the partnership program?

    Anyone who has an account in GoldMann Financial Group can become a participant of the partnership program.

  • I can't find partnership/referral section where is my referral link and promotional banners?

    To access Partnership section you must turn it on in Settings page.

  • What is a referral link?

    A referral link is a special link assigned to a specific partner which we use to identify the clients attracted by him/her. The clients of that partner are the clients who came to the website of GoldMann Financial Group by following the referral link, registered an account and then made an investment deposit(s). You can find your referral link in your personal account.

  • What profit can be earned by the partners?

    If a client came to the site by following the referral link of any partner and made an investment deposit, that partner (whose link was followed) receives a profit in the amount of 15% of the deposit made.

  • How to promote GoldMann Financial Group while participating in the program.

    You may use various ways. First, you may tell about the program to all your friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Tell them about your experience in online investments and mention about the way they can join you. You can place GoldMann Financial Group banners with your affiliate link on your websites, blogs, and even in signatures of your posts on forums and social networks.

  • How can I use the profit received from participation in the partnership program?

    The partners have a right to use their profit in their own way. You may invest it in any investment fund or use to promote the service and thus attract more investors and earn additional profit, or just withdraw it as cash.

Questions and answers on security and guarantees

  • How to create an account correctly?

    "To create an account correctly means to create the account securely. For this purpose you need to create an e-mail account with a complicated password consisting of 15-20 meaningless characters. Later use "copy" and "paste" function to enter the password and never enter it by hand. Make sure that your password to the account in GoldMann Financial Group differs from the one used to access your e-mail. Do not use the e-mail used to register an account in GoldMann Financial Group for other purposes."

  • What passwords to use?

    The passwords should be complicated and consist of 10 or more letters, figures, and special characters written with the use of upper and lower cases. Plain password example: myname12 Complicated password example: gWss%6NsIIsknK;s

  • How to ensure the safety of your GoldMann Financial Group account?

    If you use your computer to work with money, do your best to be on guard. Change your passwords regularly, do not click on unknown links.

  • What money back guarantees do GoldMann Financial Group provide?

    GoldMann Financial Group offers 100% money back guarantee. If GoldMann Financial Group would decide to discontinue work with clients for some reason, this will be announced 20 working days in advance on the official GoldMann Financial Group website. Within 10 working days each participant will be refunded his money from GoldMann Financial Group account via payment system that was used to make a deposit.

  • Why is it so important to watch over safety?

    Nowadays e-currency theft becomes quite common on the Internet. So, if you want to secure your money and profits, you need to always be on guard and keep an eye on your account.